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Programs Available:

TIME WAS string band has a program to fit your traditional musical needs. A sound system, with inconspicuous microphones, is available for large groups or areas.  All of our music is in the public domain and our own arrangements, so there is no need to worry about ASCAP or BMI fees.
 Traditional Sampler: A mix of fiddle tunes, funny songs, and serious ballads that America has grown with; featuring songs from the 1700's, 1800’s and early 1900’s.
 Texas History in Song: Songs written by, for and about Texas and Texans. This program features songs commemorating events and everyday life in Texas’ history, with a few cowboy songs thrown in for good measure.
Civil War Favorites: Favorite songs from both sides of the “War Between the States.” This program can be tailored to favor either side, depending on your preferences.
Balls & Dances: From the waltz to the Virginia Reel, music to move your feet by. We can call and teach period dances from the 1800’s. Fun for all ages.

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Music of the West: A pleasing blend of songs for the cowboy and railroad worker, along with comic songs and a few foot stompin’ fiddle tunes for good measure.
Gospel Music: A mix of favorite hymns, Shaker tunes, and of course good old fashioned camp meeting songs.

Instrument specific workshops on hammer and mountain dulcimer, banjo and others. Repertoire and dance workshops.
Weird World of Wacky Instruments: A demonstration and brief history of unusual musical instruments from different countries, and a look at Folk Music through the years. Included for kids of all ages, is the play-along “Kitchen Instruments Band.”

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Period Costuming Currently Available.
 Late 1700’s Common country clothing
 1850’s Traditional pioneer clothing
 1860’s Traditional town clothing, (hoop skirts), Confederate or Federal military attire, or formal ball attire.
 Late 1890’s The gay 90’s stripes and laces of town clothing

Modern dress to fit your occasion.

 To schedule your program, contact:

David Turner
10264 W. Rancho Diego Ln.
Ft. Worth, Texas 76036-9436
E-Mail: dlturner1861@gmail.com

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David Turner ☀  10264 W. Rancho Diego Ln. ☀  Ft. Worth, Texas 76036-9436 dlturner1861@gmail.com☀